Metal Detecting In Georgia

Welcome to my metal detecting web page. Here you will learn about  me and how I will metal detect your property for historic relics and lost valuable objects like jewelry and coins.

I honorably served in the US Army for three years and graduated from Georgia Tech.

I live with my wife, two dogs and cat in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. I have been metal detecting as a hobby since 1989. My specialty is searching for civil war relics on properties near Atlanta and North Georgia civil war battle sites but not in historic parks.

I charge $25 per hour to search your property and you keep all I find. Or, I don’t charge you anything, and you and I split any individual finds over $100 in value.

To inquire about searching your property contact me at

Protecting Your Lawn

Here is how I take care of your lawn by digging proper plugs in your lawn and replacing the plug. Click here for video.